Netter Gibbons-Wallace

10/15/2009 5:23 PM

10/15/2009 5:29 PM

I am a thirty-one year Breast Cancer survivor. The year of 1977 I had a premonition and returned to the church. I felt my faith would be tested. Sure enough the following year I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Shortly thereafter I was hospitalized. A Mastectomy revealed 2 of 24 lymph nodes positive. Not realizing how serious this was, I continued my fun days of visiting the other patients. No fear whatsoever. Once home on the road to recovery I was listening to the news. The anchorperson was talking about the Metro Zoo and Metro Rail. I began to cry uncontrollably; believing I would never live to see it. NOT TRUE! Suddenly a moment of peace came over me and I knew GOD was on my side and would give me the strength I needed. I rode the train the first day of the free rides, rejoicing. We are now enjoying a fourth generation of family. Survivors we are beacon for others. Keep the faith, positive attitude and never give up. We can beat Breast Cancer. Thank God for great doctors, family and friends, American Cancer Society who spent time with me while hospitalized. Every year in October my church (Second Baptist) celebrates Cancer Survivors. It's really beautiful. Thanks Miami Herald for your support and encouragement. Forever grateful Netter Gibbons-Wallace

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