Broward County Court

08/14/2010 3:48 PM

08/14/2010 4:24 PM

Country Judge: Group 1

    John D. Fry
    John Robert Howes
    Jason Allen Rosner

Country Judge: Group 3

    Peter Barry Skolnik
    Debra L. Steinsaltz

Country Judge: Group 4

    Lloyd Harris Golburgh
    Edward H. Merrigan, Jr.

Country Judge: Group 12

    Melissa Beth Minsk Donoho
    John “Jay” Hurley

Country Judge: Group 13

    Heidi Berkowitz
    Linda R. Pratt

Country Judge: Group 14

    Jordan Howard Breslaw
    Mary Rudd Robinson

Country Judge: Group 20

    Kenneth ‘Ken’ Gottlieb
    Steven A. Schaet

Country Judge: Group 26

    Mardi Anne Levey Cohen
    Nathaniel Adam ‘Nate’ Klitsberg
    F. J. McLawrence

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