WEB VOTE Are you in favor of seeing Florida's ban on gay marriage end through the current legal challenges in Miami-Dade and Key West?

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    Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    The Herald recommends

    OUR OPINION: For Miami-Dade County Circuit Court

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is appealing judge’s decision to allow gay couples to marry.

    Miami Herald | ONLINE EDITORIAL

    Time to move on, Ms. Bondi

    OUR OPINION: Florida attorney general fighting uphill battle with same-sex marriage defense

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 <span class="cutline_leadin">MIGRANT CRISIS:</span> Adam Kwasman, right, a conservative running for Congress, has a discussion with an anti-immigration activist during a protest in Oracle, Arizona.

    In My Opinion

    Pitts Jr.: Sad state of our politics on full display

    It's a revealing video.



    Taxi drivers are Lyft and Uber drivers, too

    Complaining about taxis is a Miami sport. Most Miamians have a story about a late or no-show taxi, or about the worn-out and dirty conditions of the cabs themselves, or about our “bad attitude.” But what are the actual conditions for us drivers?



    What Vladimir Putin and Raúl Castro want from each other

    Vladimir Putin sharply made it clear that his country does not plan to restart electronic intelligence operations at the “Lourdes” base near Havana. That was predictable. Getting in bed with the Castros again makes no sense at all.

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  • Miami Herald | ONLINE EDITORIAL

    Keep the oceans clean

    OUR OPINION: Seismic testing in the Atlantic could endanger environment

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    The Herald recommends

    OUR OPINION: For Miami-Dade Circuit Court

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Murder in the sky

    OUR OPINION: Russia cannot evade its complicity for act of terrorism

  • Worth a thousand words

    The Miami Herald Editorial Board shares the viewpoints of cartoonists from across the country in this Satur...

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Follow the law

    OUR OPINION: Mass deportation no solution for migrant-children crisis

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Preserve exile history — and Parcel B

    OUR OPINION: Miami-Dade commissioners should not break promise to create desperately needed green space

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Justice for Haiti

    OUR OPINION: U.N. needs to do more than take ‘moral responsibility’ for cholera epidemic

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Hit the gas!

    OUR OPINION: Congress must save the Highway Trust Fund

  • Students fooled

    The rebranding of a technical school as a technical “college” as reported in the July 14 arti...

  • James Garner RIP

    James Garner did a great job playing the tall and handsome Jim Rockford. The Rockford Files was one of my f...

  • No to FIU

    FIU's growth is great, but to move the fair and expand the campus is a terriable idea, I belive the should ...

  • The readers’ forum

    Let’s support FIU’s expansion plans

    As one of 200,000 alumni of FIU and president of the FIU Alumni Association Board of Directors, I am writin...

  • Bring competition

    On behalf of all those who live within 10 minutes to 15 minutes from Miami International Airport, a heartfe...

  • The readers’ forum

    Everglades restoration a must for our survival

    As Floridians like to say: “We live where you vacation,” but most people don’t know th...

  • Help our own youth

    There is no question the undocumented children from Central America are in an impossible circumstance, but ...

  • MIA’s kiosks

    When I arrived at MIA recently from an overseas trip, I made my way towards kiosks set up for global entry ...

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