WEB VOTE Miami-Dade engineering officials say the Venetian Causeway can’t handle heavy Metrobus traffic. With that knowledge, will you continue to cross the bridge in your vehicle?

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    Let’s hear it for the Washington Slurs

    Twenty-four dollars.

 <span class="cutline_leadin">Campaign:</span> Gov. Rick Scott held a meeting with senior citizens in Miami last week to hear their concerns about changes in Medicare Advantage.


    Scott campaign ads serve up baloney

    The next governor of Florida could be determined by the success or failure of the Affordable Care Act. Or the perception of its success or failure as shaped by the campaigns of Rick Scott and Charlie Crist.



    Putting the immigration debate in human terms

    Former Gov. Jeb Bush has elicited the outrage of the anti-immigrant crowd with his recent comment that crossing illegally into the United States to find work to support one’s family is an “act of love.” And, he is right. As the bishops of the Second Vatican Council taught 50 years ago: “Man, who is the only creature on Earth which God willed for himself, cannot fully find himself except through a sincere gift of self.”

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    Climate change has arrived

    OUR OPINION: Dire future if no action is taken

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Florida’s sad voting record

    OUR OPINION: Time for state to get past election mediocrity

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    The future of MDC

    OUR OPINION: Unwise remarks should not distract from effort to get a sales-tax vote

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Give voters a say

    OUR OPINION: Public should weigh in on possible tax hike

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Oxycodone’s harsh price

    OUR OPINION: Harsh sentencing process for some abusers deserves overhaul

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    The buzz in Cuba

    OUR OPINION: ZunZuneo was a well-intentioned effort to break government’s information monopoly

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Let the sunshine in

    OUR OPINION: Make the most of a movement to protect and expand greater Miami’s parks and green spaces

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    A good start

    OUR OPINION: Affordable Care Act reaches important milestone

  • Let’s go, library team

    Re the April 11 article, Library would fire over half of full-timers: Oh, goody, let’s fire 56 perce...

  • Helping foster children

    Re the March 16, Innocents Lost, section: It’s important to let people know what horrible things hav...

  • Violence is everywhere

    The unfortunate and tragic stabbing of over a dozen teens by one of their peers recently in a Pennsylvania ...

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    Keep the entertainment industry in Florida

    A good investment is measured by its return, and, a 5.6-to-1 return on investment (ROI) is, undeniably, a w...

  • Friendlier roads

    Tom Swick’s suggestion about “friends” on I-95 is a bit squirrelly to me; they are not...

  • On I-95, please pass on the left

    While I commend Tom Swick for bringing the issue of safe driving to the fore, he has misplaced the blame fo...

  • Questions for Doral College

    The March 16 article Birth of a charter college raises a lot of questions that beg for answers. Is there no...

  • Jews are still targeted

    The deliberate targeting of children, women and the elderly in Kansas City on the eve of Passover is a pain...

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