Nou Bouke [We’re Tired]: Haiti’s Past, Present And Future

In less than a minute, as many as 300,00 people were dead - buried beneath a pile of rubble from the Western Hemisphere's most devastating natural disaster. Nou Bouke: Haiti's Past, Present and Future, is an hour-long documentary produced by The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald in association with WPBT2 and directed by Joe Cardona. Nou Bouke, a Creole term for "We're Tired," focuses on Haiti's past, present and future in light of the apocalyptic January 12, 2010 earthquake that now marks a new chapter in the nation's history. The documentary presents a comprehensive look at the Haitian polemic as the Caribbean nation faces its most challenging crossroads due to the immense loss of life and destruction. It depicts the many perspectives that surround the hopes and aspirations of the Haitian people as they move forward into a future full of uncertainty.