Police prevent dissident from leaving his home

10/21/2009 11:36 AM

10/21/2009 11:38 AM

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct. 21 (Ana Aguililla Saladrigas, www.cubanet.org) – Dissident Néstor Rodríguez Lobaina says political police prevent him from leaving his home in Baracoa.

Rodríguez Lobaina, a member of the opposition Cuban Transition Agenda, said police detained him October 9 after an event of the Juvenile Cuban Forum (Foro Juvenil Cubano) in Bayazo.

He said he was taken to the police operational center in Guantánamo for questioning. He said when police later took him home agents remained outside to prevent his departure.

Three dissidents detained y police

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct. 21 (Ana Aguililla Saladrigas, www.cubanet.org) - Police detained three members of the “Sons of the Virgin of Regla” last week.

Activists Miguel López Santos, María de los Ángeles Borrego and Jesús Adolfo Reyes said police stopped them Oct. 16 as they were going to the home of fellow dissident Sara Marta Fonseca Quevedo in the Boyeros district.

Fonseca Quevedo is the spokesperson for the dissident Provincial Junta of the City of Havana.

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