Central American leaders meet, aim to resolve Cuba migratory crisis

Central American foreign ministers met Tuesday in hopes of finding a solution for the estimated 3,000 Cubans who have been stuck in northern Costa Rica since Nicaragua barred them from passing more than a week ago.


Social media helps drive historic Cuban exodus to US

Cubans on their way overland through Central America to the U.S. must navigate jungles, rivers, at least seven international borders and countries in the grip of gangs responsible for some of the world’s highest homicide rates. Asked their secret, Cubans interviewed in shelters along Costa Rica’s northern border with Nicaragua almost universally pointed to cheap smartphones, data plans and Facebook.


A clash between U.S./Cuban migration laws contributes to Central America refugee crisis

When Cuba changed its migration policies three years ago, eliminating the reviled tarjeta blanca or exit visa and allowing its citizens to come and go more freely, the handwriting was on the wall: its new regulations were on a collision course with current U.S. migration policies for Cubans.

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