Living & Learning: Afford tutor options

08/03/2014 3:09 PM

08/03/2014 5:10 PM

What if you can’t afford a tutor?

Nadine Drew of Broward County schools suggests parents begin by asking at a child’s school about services offered for families with students who are struggling.

Other alternatives:

•  Consider peer tutoring. Your child can help a friend in a subject he or she shines in and get help with the difficult one. Says tutoring expert Sandi Ayez, “Research shows if a student is failing almost everything, but … she’s extremely good at writing, ask her if she wants to tutor writing.” Tutoring will improve her study skills, Ayez says. “Interestingly, all of her grades will go up.”.
•  See if the National Honor Societies or other high school organizations tutor students for service hours.
• Ask if an after-school program offers homework help. Cherise Coleman, principal of Central Park Elementary, used some after-care funds to hire two teachers. “The children come into the classroom for 45 minutes with the counselors [to do their homework]. The teachers are in the hallway’’ and available to help.

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