Sweetwater hopes to upgrade sidewalks, streets, landscaping

07/14/2014 6:48 PM

07/14/2014 6:49 PM

Sweetwater could soon be fixing sidewalks and streets and beautifying the landscaping around the city.

At the regular City Commission meeting on Monday, commissioners voted for City Maintenance Director Alan Abolila to inquire about the cost and financing options of equipment necessary to repair streets and sidewalks and improve landscaping.

Commissioner Jose A. Bergouignan proposed the idea.

“A lot of the streets you can see on the corner, they are hard and the old pieces that were there are coming off and now with the rain if the water gets under there it’s going to be bad,” he said.

He said streets all around the city have problems.

“Everyone is tired of the potholes,” Bergouignan said.

The commission did not reach an agreement on how much to spend, but Bergouignan estimated it would cost about $55,000 to repair the sidewalks, $35,000 for the landscaping and $45,000 for the streets. The cost would cover the cost of materials and equipment.

So far, there have been no injuries or issues involving sidewalks or potholes, he added.

Officials hope trees will be donated for planting around City Hall and other areas.

At an upcoming meeting, Abolila is expected to suggest the final costs and the equipment that would be required.

Bergouignan said he wants the city to get started on the project soon.

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