Letter: Palmer Trinity is working to accommodate neighbors

07/09/2014 12:48 PM

07/09/2014 12:50 PM

I often think about how lucky I am to both live and work in the community of Palmetto Bay. With so much real heartbreak happening globally, it makes me sad to think that here in our little burb we cannot seem to get along. Our village has been split into different factions, all wanting to mold this community into what they believe to be the ideal place to live. We are now at a fragile point, however, where we must calmly and decidedly work together to make this happen.

This month, Palmer Trinity School will submit its site plans for approval to the village. The school has taken out all lights (which seems crazy to me) and the site plan fully complies with the village’s code. Palmer Trinity is not planning to put up “stadium lighting” (actually, nobody really does that anymore as the technology has improved so much that all lighting is directed only onto the target area), and is working on accommodating all the reasonable requests from the neighborhood.

Palmer Trinity has warmly and hospitably hosted community meetings to ensure ample opportunity for neighborly dialogue and airing of questions and concerns.

Heck, one friend of the school actually walked door-to-door offering free landscaping for backyards that are adjacent to Palmer’s property to help create a more substantial buffer.

So please, help our community coexist and support the plans. We really need to move past this and keep working to mend our community, a wonderful place to live and work. Yes, I live in Palmetto Bay and work at Palmer Trinity School. I am a very lucky lady.

Lois Chumbley, Palmetto Bay

Candidate for Palmetto Bay council

I am writing to let you know that I am running for the Palmetto Bay Village Council, Seat 3. I have called Palmetto Bay home for 16 years. My husband Pablo and I have 4 children: Emma, 17, Julian, 13, Andy, 7 and Agustin, 5. As a mother with young children, I feel compelled to put my skills to work and serve our community. Our village government needs involved citizens with the right experience and a fresh, open mind set to make our community better. You can find out more about my campaign at democracy.com/LarissaSiegelLara.

I am prepared to be an independent thinker, working for all neighbors. My business and leadership skills will be focused on building consensus on the future of the village. Collaboration involves all neighbors and involves local government – when we work together on the highest priority items, we’ll make our community better.

I will lead the charge to formulate a viable long-term plan for the billage. The plan is a key tool to the future – it sets the path to create a better long-term services for village residents.I’d like to work with the council to develop a plan that secures the future of one of the best assets of Palmetto Bay – great parks that draw our community together in a safe environment. I was surprised to recently learn that the main building in Coral Reef Park (by the playground) needed to be shut down due to structural issues that make it unsafe for use. I’ve learned that we don’t have a mid-term maintenance plan for our park buildings. That’s the kind of information that’s needed when setting a budget – otherwise, we could make trade-offs with significant unintended consequences.

Resident involvement is key to village success. Every resident votes for every seat on the Council, regardless of where the resident lives. Your vote sets the future our the village.

I’m enjoying meeting many of you and learning more everyday about your highest priorities. I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve my community.

Larissa Siegel Lara, Palmetto Bay

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