Palmetto Bay

Letters: Readers share views on Pinecrest, Cutler Bay and Palmetto Bay elections

We have been barraged by mailers and phone calls saying “Vote for me.” My inner voice always replies, “Don’t tell me what you promise to do; show me what you have done.” Fortunately, there is a candidate for Palmetto Bay Village Council whose accomplishments and qualifications are indisputable. Henry Clifford has been my Palmetto Bay neighbor for over 35 years and I have seen him repeatedly stand shoulder to shoulder with our neighbors fighting for low-density residential zoning, traffic control, responsible business development and all of the other issues that make our community a desirable place to live.

Palmetto Bay

Readers share views on Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay elections

Regarding the Oct. 5 Soapbox letter Candidate forum won’t be fair, it is disappointing to read that mayoral candidate Peggy Bell did not want to participate in a candidate forum in front of everyday Cutler Bay residents like you and me. It is disappointing that, instead of just saying, “I don’t want to debate my opponent,” she would resort to slanderous accusations about the integrity of a respected civic organization as an excuse.


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