Lance Dixon


Lance Dixon covers North Miami, North Miami Beach and Miami Gardens. He joined the Miami Herald in 2013 and is a graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga.

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North Miami - NMB

Letter: Concerned about the tone of North Miami Beach election

As a lifetime resident of North Miami Beach, I am concerned and dismayed at the tone of this election. As a former North Miami Beach Councilwoman and currently serving as a County Commissioner representing NMB at the county, I cannot remember a city election where some of the current elected officials openly targeted their colleagues. These actions are disappointing and shameful.


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North Miami - NMB

North Miami - NMB

City-paid travel limited under new North Miami Beach rules

North Miami Beach officials can no longer receive city-paid travel expenses to Haiti or anyplace else unless there is a “ valid and identifiable” benefit for the city’s taxpayers. In a resolution unanimously approved by the City Council on April 21, the new policy allows travel reimbursements for official expenses that have a “ proven public purpose.”

North Miami - NMB

Letter: In support of Phyllis Smith

As an individual who has represented the North Miami Beach area in the State Legislature for 24 years, 14 in the Florida House and 10 in the Florida Senate, I have seen first-hand many local elected officials. I am putting “pen to paper” as they say, to ensure that the residents of North Miami Beach know how proud and supportive I am of Councilwoman Phyllis Smith.