Miami Stories

Miami Stories

Two Miami-Dade park managers followed in their fathers’ footsteps

Like the strong root system that supports a stately oak tree, the love of the great outdoors and parks and recreation runs deep in the lives of two Miami-Dade Parks sons — Eric King, park manager at Greynolds Park, and Chad Pezoldt, park manager at Tropical Park. Both were inspired by the formidable examples and career paths of their fathers, Jim King and the late Charles “Chuck” Pezoldt, who were leaders in the Miami-Dade Parks department.

Miami Stories

Miami Stories: Memories of the Garlic Sisters’ house

Suddenly there is fire in the treetops along the turnpike. The sidewalk is carpeted with orange petals and the Poinciana preens itself above the jacaranda’s demure lavender feathers and the frangipani’s pink and yellow pastels. The calendar doesn’t tell us it is time for our yearly Poinciana Walk, but the world does. While we go for the sake of the trees, the homes in the Gables that they guard and grace have become characters in a never-ending story.

Miami Stories

Miami Stories: Old-time Miami policeman solved celebrated cases

The question, “Who will remember?,” comes to mind when I think of the fragments of Miami history that never made it to the popular prose about my hometown, our “city of dreams.” Who will remember these times, these people, from decades before digital news and social media? Here is my short epitaph to some of those long gone.

Miami Stories

Miami Stories: Reader recalls Overtown in the days when ice kept food cool

Overtown was not always called that. Growing up in Miami, we referred to our location by street numbers rather than by destination. You lived on Seventh Street or whatever the number was. We did have named areas such as Opa-locka, Liberty City and Coconut Grove but I do not remember hearing of Overtown until many years later. My family lived on the south end and this was good for walking downtown, but very tiresome when it came to schools and the majority of our friends.

Miami Stories

Miami Stories: Couple’s early date was a canoe adventure along Gables canal

We hauled my parent’s aluminum canoe off the roof rack of his 2002 Mitsubishi Montero and onto the grass near the edge of the Biltmore canal. I grabbed the essentials from the trunk and tossed them into the canoe: two wooden paddles, a foldable plastic seat, a faded waterproof cushion, and a couple of well-worn life jackets. Larry Garcia — the tall, Colombian American I had just been introduced to a few weeks before in 2007 — adjusted his maroon Florida State University hat and repositioned his thick-rimmed eyeglasses before reaching down to help me lift the canoe.

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