Miami Beach

May 21, 2014

Miami Beach allows movie theaters to sell alcohol

Movie theaters in Miami Beach are now allowed to sell alcohol.

Movie theaters in Miami Beach are now allowed to sell alcohol.

Commissioners on Wednesday approved the measure, which was sponsored by Mayor Philip Levine.

The new ordinance allows alcohol to be sold at the movie theater on Lincoln Road, and any other theater that is at least 15,000 square feet, has 300 permanent auditorium seats, and is located in “Commercial High Intensity Districts.”

The new rules would require establishments to have separate areas where alcohol is served and have a plan to keep minors out.

Some commissioners were concerned the new rules could be manipulated by business owners to open unlicensed nightclubs. To prevent that, Commissioner Ed Tobin suggested the city create a more specific definition of what qualifies as a movie theater.

He also asked staff to measure the distance from the Roosevelt Theater on 41st Street and local schools and places of worship. Tobin worried someone would try to open a nightclub there, though city officials assured him that wouldn’t be possible because of the theater’s proximity to North Beach Elementary. Miami Beach’s rules regulate where alcohol can be sold, in relation to schools and places of worship.

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