Coconut Grove

July 15, 2014

Wynwood’s Panther Coffee is coming to Coconut Grove

The popular Wynwood coffeehouse will move into the Engle bulding by the end of the year

Panther Coffee is coming to Coconut Grove.

The popular Wynwood coffee house is expanding and moving into the Engle Building at 3407 Main Hwy. Panther signed the lease last week with Arquitectonica, the new owners of the building. The PointeGroup manages the building, noted for its signature round entrance at the corner of Main and McFarlane.

This is a coup for Coconut Grove, as Panther Coffee is probably the premier coffee house in Miami. Their main location is in Wynwood and they have another location at Sunset Harbour in Miami Beach.

Panther is Miami-based and they roast the coffee onsite. They do small batches at a time so it's always aromatic and fresh. They just won Best Coffee Place in the New Times poll, and they do the little designs in the coffee.

This looks like it may be the kick that the Grove needed to start re-energizing itself. I see lots more good things on the horizon now that Panther has put its faith in the Grove. I know they had done an informal study across the street at Starbucks, they "counted receipts" and realized that there is a big market for them here.

Ironically, about a year or so ago, I remade the masthead for the Grapevine and I used an image that I took in Panther in Wynwood. There was a lot of energy and it was a great shot. I asked people what they thought on Facebook and I was told that I shouldn't use the image since it wasn't the Grove.

Now it will be. Foreshadowing? Who knows, but I'm looking forward to Panther's arrival. They are starting renovation soon and hope to be open by the end of the year. We'll keep you posted.

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