Miami-Dade County

August 9, 2014

Miami cop fired for killing unarmed man wins back his job

Officer Reynaldo Goyos, who was fired last year after shooting and killing Travis McNeil in 2011, has been reinstated.

A Miami police officer who was fired last year after shooting and killing an unarmed man has been reinstated.

An arbitrator has ruled that Officer Reynaldo Goyos, whose killing of Travis McNeil in February 2011 came at the end of a string of deadly police shootings in 2010 and 2011, was improperly terminated and should get his job back, the police union announced in a news release this afternoon.

Goyos shot Travis McNeil, 28, and wounded Kareem Williams as the two cousins sat in car at a Little Haiti intersection. Chief Manuel Orosa fired Goyos on Jan. 30, 2013.

About two months before Goyos' termination, the police department's Firearms Review Board concluded the shooting was unjustified because no one, including Goyos, "was in imminent danger of death or serious physical injury," and that the officer should have retreated.

No charges were filed against Goyos; in 2012, the Miami-Dade state attorney's office declined to prosecute, saying the shooting had not reached the level of criminal intent.

The arbitrator's ruling calls for reinstatement to Goyos' unit, compensation for lost pay and benefits and that "reports and references to Goyos['] ... discharge shall be removed or stricken from the personnel file."

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