The snake catcher: Jennifer & Jim Furguson

05/19/2014 8:25 AM

05/19/2014 9:26 AM

Jennifer Ferguson snatched her first Burmese python when she was 17, schooled by her father, Jim Ferguson, whose weapon of choice for killing the invasive snakes is an eight-foot, forked spear.

Jennifer, who has a license plate at the front of her Dodge Ram truck that says "Redneck Girl," goes hunting with her dad, and is studying zoology in college. They are the only permitted father-daughter python hunting team in Florida.

A lithe teen whose snake-proof boots are longer than her jean shorts, Jennifer combs the central stretches of the Everglades near her Pembroke Pines home, never letting mud patches or flooding get in her way.

In this fifth installment of the Python Invasion Project, Jennifer talks about what draws her to python hunting and takes viewers on a hunt into an abandoned dump in the middle of wilderness, where scorched RVs share real estate with roof tiles and mulch piles left over from Hurricane Andrew.

The snake-catchers’ tale is featured in the fifth installment of The Python Invasion project, outtakes from production shoots of a documentary featured on The documentary will broadcast on WPBT2 later in the year.

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