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December 31, 2013

Perrine man plotted wife’s death by running her over with truck

Ivan Wong told police he thought his wife was cheating on him.

It was about revenge, and Ivan Wong wanted it to be bloody and brutal.

Wong, 41, told police in just-released arrest documents he believed his wife “was having an extramarital affair.” So Wong drove his white Ford F-350 pickup truck to her family’s home in Perrine on Sunday.

Then, in a rage, Wong got out of his truck, pulled a .45-caliber handgun and shot and killed his wife’s brother, Michel Figueroa. Wong re-entered his truck, and “began aggressively driving” toward his wife, Mabel Figueroa, who had come outside. Wong ran over her — fatally — then struck and injured three other people at the scene.

Police soon after located Wong and arrested him. When being interrogated by police, Wong confessed to the murders.

“He was trying to kill his wife and wanted to run her over,” the arrest form states.

Both Mabel Figueroa and her brother were pronounced dead at the scene.

Wong also turned his fury toward the house, leaving the front of it in ruins by repeatedly slamming his truck into it. The damage left a gaping hole that revealed the family’s living room.

Those injured by the truck were Wong’s 70-year-old father in-law, Modesto Figueroa, Michel Figueroa’s wife Maria, and Ernesto Cardenas, a family friend.

On Tuesday evening, both Cardenas, 42, and Modesto Figueroa were still in intensive care at Kendall Regional Medical Center.

Also Tuesday, Wong — who authorities placed on suicide watch — had his first hearing before a judge. He was denied bond, as is typical in murder cases. Wong faces two charges of first-degree murder and three charges of attempted murder.

“He is crazy. He just went crazy,” said Sahily Cosme, 34, a woman who identified herself as Ivan Wong's sister. She quickly hung up the phone afterward.

Police said Figueroa and Wong had been separated, and some neighbors on this quiet Perrine street believe Figueroa had already moved on and was seeing someone else.

Wong and Figueroa have a 7-year-old daughter together. Police have said the daughter was not at the house when the murders occurred.

Family members reached on Tuesday would only speak briefly.

“This pain is big,” said Aymee Plasencia, 41, Mabel and Michel's sister. “It's really big.”

“The only thing I can tell you about both of them is only nice things,” she said, adding that she was on her way to the hospital to see her father. She said she did not want to speak further, because the loss was “just too much to bear right now.”

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