Road-raging Miami-Dade firefighter accused of impersonating police officer

10/04/2013 2:54 PM

10/04/2013 2:55 PM

A driver, ticked off at the performance of another, pulled alongside next to the car and encouraged the person “to drive better.”

The chastised driver did what comes naturally: He flipped the bird.

Then, in a burst of road rage, the first driver followed the bird-flipper into a parking lot and blocked his car.

Now the alleged blocker, a Miami-Dade firefighter, is accused of impersonating a police officer, according to CBS4.

The hemmed-in driver tried to apologize, according to the report, but the blocker said, “I could arrest you for trying to run me over,” the report said.

The road-rage drama escalated in a shopping center parking lot in the 8300 block of Southwest 81st Avenue.

Witnesses heard Osvaldo Alvarez, decked out in a Miami-Dade police T-shirt, identify himself as an officer, CBS4 reported.

He was arrested and charged with impersonating a police officer and simple battery.

When Alvarez got out of his truck and approached the driver, the report states, the driver lowered his window and apologized. But Alvarez grabbed the driver’s hand and said “I could arrest you for trying to run me over,” according to the report.

Several witnesses also heard Alvarez identify himself as a police officer. He was also wearing a Miami-Dade Police T-shirt.

When real officers arrived , they arrested Alvarez.

Alvarez was charged with falsely impersonating an officer, vehicle burglary and simple battery.

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