Miami-Dade County

July 25, 2013

Dad charged after little girl found wandering apartment with arsenal inside

Smiling and playing with a teddy bear, a little girl spent her fourth birthday in a custody hearing, unaware of her family’s mess.

The 4-year-old girl left home alone by her father with an arsenal of weapons will remain in state foster care, a judge ruled Friday.

None of her family members was considered suitable to get custody.

Her mother, Liz Marie de Jesus Bones, 23, tested positive of marijuana.

Her grandfather, Luis Bianchi, was also rejected. He has a long criminal history spanning from 1971 to 2007, including charges of aggravated assault, first-degree arson and third-degree grand theft.

Smiling and playing with a teddy bear, the girl spent her fourth birthday in a custody hearing Thursday, unaware of her family’s mess.

A day earlier, she could have been the victim of a tragedy.

Her father, 25-year-old Luis Vicente Bianchi, had left her alone in an apartment with an arsenal of weapons.

Someone called police after seeing little Analis Rosario Bianchi wandering around her Little Havana building at 922 SW Third St.

When officers arrived Wednesday night, they brought her back to Unit No. 10, and this is what they found: The door slightly open. No adults. Just the collection of weapons and ammo: a grenade, several assault rifles.

Her father was arrested Thursday morning and charged with child neglect. Hours later, he left jail on $5,000 bond.

“I cannot explain why my son left his daughter alone,” said the girl’s grandfather, also named Luis Bianchi. “He could have called me. I live in a building across the street.”

He said his son once told him that he had a weapon for his personal safety. And he said that he did not know anything about the rifles and the grenade.

Miami police are still investigating the weapons. A grenade they found among the arsenal turned out to be a dud.

After the girl’s story became public Wednesday night, the father went to the Miami police station on his own, police spokesman William Moreno said.

Bianchi told investigators he was running late for work and left his young daughter at the apartment and that the girl’s mother was on her way, according to the arrest report.

He said he sat his daughter in front of the TV and put a couch against the door of the room containing the weapons.

Police said the couch was not completely blocking the door.

“The danger was extreme,” Moreno said. “It is surprising he left her alone with access to those weapons.”

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