April 1, 2013

Miami Springs High School Anchor Club rakes in service hours

The award-winning Anchor Club of Miami Springs Senior High School never slows down and was at it again on Saturday evening, March 23 when members were at the Gazebo on the Circle to recognize Earth Hour.

How many hours have you dedicated to community service this past year? That’s a tough question for many, but not for the Anchor Club of Miami Springs Senior High School. With approximately 70 members, the club’s total service hours from February 2012 to February 2013 add up to a whopping 4,311 hours of dedication and service to the community.

    Early in March, Anchor members from Miami Springs Senior High School headed to the World Gate Resort in Kissimmee, Fla., for the annual Anchor Convention. The club competed with other Anchor clubs from around the state. Let’s just say that MSSH Anchors swept up all of the awards, or at least most of them.

    Anchor Club members returned with seven first-place awards, including First Place Florida Anchor Club of the Year. Florida Anchor Member of the Year was awarded to the club’s vice president, Farah Naz, for serving the most hours in the last year. Other first-place awards were for “Patriotism,” “Scrapbook,” “Anchor for Kids,” “Brain Related Disorders,” and “Pilot-Anchor Involvement.” The group also received second place for their Environmental Project and third place for the Lip Sync category.

    “I have enjoyed being Anchor Club president of this amazing club because for the past three years, I’ve developed not only as a leader but as a person,” said Katherine Ceballos, 11th-grade student and Anchor Club president. “The people that I have met in the club and during service projects have had such a great influence on me. We’re all a dedicated group of young adults that enjoy helping the people in our community.

    “I am most proud of winning Anchor Club of the Year because it’s the overall award that sums up the club’s success for the entire year. Every individual award we got is equally as important, since they are what helped us to make it to Anchor Club of the Year.”

    In addition to their many awards previously mentioned, senior Christine Englemann presided as chaplain and served on this year’s State Board. Junior Anchor Secretary Rebecca Shultz was elected as State Parliamentarian for the upcoming year, and junior Mariam Parada was elected as State Director. The Club will now be considered for International Anchor Club of the Year.

    Along with all of the members’ individual hard work, much of their success is built because their sponsors believe that our youth is the key to our future. The Anchor Club receives support from the Pilot Club of Miami along with a tremendous amount of support from their local club sponsors. Miriam Madruga is the faculty sponsor and Kathy Doyle is currently the community sponsor after being the faculty sponsor for 28 years.

   “I am so proud of our Miami Springs High School Anchors. They are involved in over 80 projects annually and no matter what they are requested to do, a number of them jump in,” Doyle said. “Over the course of the year, Anchor serves thousands of individuals in our community and around the world, and the members always serve with a smile. We donate uniforms, school supplies and Christmas presents to an inner-city school, we adopt manatees and dolphins, we raise funds to drill wells to provide fresh water to African villages and we perform puppet shows called Brainminders’ Buddies, which teach children about Brain Safety Awareness.”

   Anchor Club members performed puppet shows on Saturday, March 23 at the Brain Fair at the Museum of Science sponsored by the University Of Miami School Of Medicine and the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. That same evening, the Anchor Club gathered by candlelight to host Earth Hour on the Circle in Miami Springs. The Anchor Club, community members, and members of the Pilot Club joined 7,000 cities in 150 countries around the world to make all of us aware of our carbon footprint. It was a way to encourage households and businesses to turn off their lights and save energy.

    The Anchor Club of MSSH is always up to something good. Anchor equals a great group of young people who serve the community and are preparing to lead for their lifetimes. Congratulations on all of their success!


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