TigerDirect to lay off 241 workers in January

TigerDirect, the local electronics retailer, and its soon-to-be-former parent company Systemax plan to lay off 241 workers in January, according to a state notice published earlier this week. The employees losing their jobs work at the company’s store at the Mall of the Americas in Miami. New York-based Systemax announced in March that it was shutting down most of its brick-and-mortar stores, a week after two brothers who ran the company’s Miami operations were each sentenced to several years in prison on bribery charges. Earlier this month, Systemax agreed to sell TigerDirect’s business-to-business operations for $14 million to California-based IT provider PCM. A spokesman for Systemax said about 100 Miami employees would keep their jobs once PCM takes over. TigerDirect, founded in Miami, once ran a thriving business selling computers and electronics directly to consumers online, in catalogs and in retail stores. But sales have lagged in recent years as consumers avoid visiting malls in favor of online shopping. An employee who picked up the phone at TigerDirect’s Mall of the Americas’ store confirmed it was shutting down in early January. He said online sales would continue. Said the worker: “We’re giving 10 to 20 percent off of everything in the store right now.”

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