Faena Hotel evokes glory days of Miami Beach

A 30-foot-long red carpet leads into the “Cathedral,” a sweeping lobby lined with massive gold-leafed columns and edged with elaborate floor-to-ceiling murals depicting lush tropical scenes. The Living Room is a movie set of red leather armchairs, zebra-print couches and lacquered burled wood tables, complete with grand piano. Columns edging the outdoor terrace are crusted with ceramic seashells — just one of many intricate details guests will find at the Faena Hotel on Miami Beach when it opens Tuesday.


Emerging Cuba worries Caribbean

New U.S.-Cuba relationship changing dynamics in Caribbean

Cuba brings new competition for tourism, trade and foreign investment

An emerging Cuba also could create new opportunities for the region

Business Monday

Miami tech startup Blackdove on a mission to make art accessible

Blackdove created a global platform, accessed by app, for digital works of art by scores of well-known artists

Samsung developed a “digital canvas” for Blackdove to optimally show the art, which also can be enjoyed on any smart screen

The company launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the Blackdove Digital Canvas by Samsung

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