The Investigation

Part One

Part 1

State regulators allow thousands with a criminal past to peddle home loans -- costing consumers millions.

Part Two

Part 2

Despite pleas from consumers, Florida does not require loan originators to pass criminal background checks.

Part Three

Part 3

Even when brokers break the law, they are frequently allowed to keep their licenses -- only to break the law again. Coming in August.



The Herald's investigation found that the state has licensed over a thousand convicted felons as mortgage brokers and has allowed two thousand felons to work as unlicensed loan originators.

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Slide show

The victims of mortgage fraud: meet the economically vulnerable Floridians who suffered as the state's mortgage-fraud rate became the nation's highest.


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Anatomy of a fraudulent loan application

See how a Tampa mortgage broker routinely altered loan applications.

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Mortgage industry's explosion

State law requires mortgage brokers and lenders to be screened.

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Rise of loan originators

Originators don't have to pass background checks or exams.