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Peter Bailey, Miami Herald reporter. (Donna E. Natale Planas/Miami Herald)  Peter Bailey


"The stories are as much a humanist celebration as they are a societal critique...tales of people within society pushed to the fringes existing indefinitely on the margins."
- Peter Bailey on the series.



Awarded best education reporting throughout Florida by the Society of Professional Journalists.

Awarded 2nd place Green Eyeshade Award for best videography by the Society of Professional Journalists



Peter Bailey, the son of a nurse and preacher, was born and raised in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Growing up in a coastal town where a profitable drug and prostitution trade battled a burgeoning Rastafarian movement preaching black upliftment. "Economic hardship led to drugs, prostitution and violence so at times paradise became hell," says Bailey whose best friend was shot and killed by local authorities. "I got tired of crying so I started writing."

Bailey moved on to the University of Delaware where he majored in English. During his junior year he landing an internship at the Village Voice in New York City where his first assignment was to investigate a warehouse used by Mayor Rudy Giuliani to store documents. Upon graduation, Bailey went on to write for Newsweek then Time magazine, covering issues ranging from the AIDS epidemic to Whiteness studies. Bailey finally came to the Miami Herald for what he calls its "grassroots appeal."