Part One: The Industry

Amid lax regulation, air cargo has evolved into the deadliest form of commercial flight in the U.S., with nearly a fatal crash a month.

Part Two: The Crashes

The NTSB usually blames the pilot for air cargo's fatal crashes, but a Herald investigation found other contributing factors were downplayed or ignored.

Part Three: The Pilots

Many cargo pilots earn scant pay and log long hours in a quest to move up the ladder. But their industry is fraught with risks not encountered by passenger pilots.

I'm not sure why we need to wait until one crashes in the middle of Disneyland before people are going to take notice of the fact that these planes are going down.

Lara Goldman Lennon

Widowed from cargo crash

A nine-month Miami Herald investigation, built upon thousands of pages of documents, uncovered more fatal cargo crashes than government logs reflect.

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