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Give Florida Panthers some money (but not too much), Broward report urges

- The Miami Herald , Feb 13
The Miami Herald

The Florida Panthers are asking for too much, Broward County officials say in a 125-page analysis — but it’s in the county... 019;s best interests to give the Panthers something, the report concludes.

Pembroke Pines mother charged with DUI at child’s school

- The Miami Herald , Sep 17
The Miami Herald

When a Pembroke Pines mother pulled up to her child’s elementary school Monday afternoon, the trip ended with her in the back seat of... a police car on charges of driving under the influence.

Broward students rocket to Capitol Hill in aerospace competition

May 10

Sam Reich has had his eyes on the sky since he was seven, when he assembled his first hobby store rocket.

Dense fog and smoke shut down 3 major South Florida roads

- The Miami Herald , Apr 2
The Miami Herald

A dense fog advisory is in effect for portions of South Florida during the Tuesday morning commute.A stretch of U.S. 27 at Krome Avenue in W...


Man assaults woman in Miramar home

- The Miami Herald , May 13
The Miami Herald

Lydia Padilla, 67, had just arrived home from a trip Wednesday when, she says, she found a man hiding behind her door.“And I looked, he...

City officials ask banks to rescue 'American dream'

May 26

Fearing that a spike in foreclosures will lower property values, Miramar is exploring ways for the city to help homeowners in distress. Ci...

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