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Federal bribery trial of suspended Michael Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi, above, spotlights testimony of prosecution’s star witness, convicted lobbyist Richard Candia.

Public corruption

Convicted lobbyist testifies about paying $3,000 bribe to suspended Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi

- The Miami Herald , Jul 29
The Miami Herald

The star witness who testified he delivered thousands to then-Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi was portrayed as a liar by the defense, which ... argued the transactionwasinnocent.

Public corruption trial

Convicted lobbyist becomes a star witness in Miami Lakes mayor’s bribery trial

- The Miami Herald , Jul 27
The Miami Herald

Ex-lobbyist Richard Candia, described by prosecutors as a ‘bag man,’ will testify against suspended Miami Lakes Mayor Michael ... Pizzi at federal bribery trial.

Miami Lakes

Miami Lakes to rebuild Optimist clubhouse

- The Miami Herald , Jul 10
The Miami Herald

Construction is slated to begin this month on a new $1.8 million Optimist Park clubhouse in Miami Lakes.

Florida Supreme Court

State high court won’t hear appeal in Miami self-defense case

- The Miami Herald , Jul 9
The Miami Herald

The state’s high court declined to hear the case of Gabriel Mobley, who killed two unarmed men outside a Miami Lakes-area Chiliȁ... 9;s restaurant.

Miami Lakes

Miami Lakes Town Council listens to resident’s comments on video

- The Miami Herald , Jun 30
The Miami Herald

When Michael Mut addressed the Miami Lakes Town Council in June, he did not speak from behind a lectern at the meeting.

Corruption probe

Feds seek to revoke Pizzi’s bond, as suspended Miami Lakes mayor fights back

- The Miami Herald , Jun 17
The Miami Herald

Suspended Miami Lakes mayor says he has a right to send emails about town corruption — but feds say some went to potential witnesses.

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