Lydia Martin
Lydia Martin, who grew up in Little Havana, has been with The Miami Herald since 1986. She covered all the hard stuff before moving to Features, where now her job is doing lunch.
She has done lunch with the president of PETA, who left the table in mid black beans and rice to chase after a limping pigeon; Tony Curtis, who arrived early and ordered without her; Jennifer Lopez, who didn't eat at all; Lil' Kim, who wore a bikini and drank a frozen strawberry daquiri in the back of her stretch limo. Lydia also covers the Latin entertainment industry, because you can't live by lunch alone.

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Lunch with Lydia: Albita is keeping at it, still loyal to her Cuban musical roots

It was crunch time for Albita, but you wouldn’t have guessed it. On May 10, she put on a concert at the Miami-Dade County Auditorium called Mujeres con Cajones, a double entendre referring not only to the rustic box drums that were spotlighted that evening in roots-rocking performances by the Cuban singer, Peru’s Eva Ayllón and the Canary Islands’ Olga Cerpa, but also to that other Spanish word that sounds a lot like cajones but speaks to having — well, let’s call it gumption.

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