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October 12, 2013 12:00 AM

Dancing, dining and daiquiris in Cajun Country

Whenever I visit Cajun country, in southwest Louisiana, the land of crawfish, gumbo, gator steaks and “les bons temps” personified, my first stop is at a cultural icon that, in itself, elevates this region to the status of an American touristic treasure: the drive-through daiquiri hut. This was my intention on my last trip; however, the plane was late, and I had pressing business to address midday — sampling “boudin balls” (deep-fried rounds of pork and seasoned rice). Boudin in these parts is what lobsters are in Maine, or crabs in Baltimore. And you find them everywhere — in butcher shops, in delis, at food stands, even at gas stations. More on these — and the daiquiris — in a moment.

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