The 'Phubby' Wrist Phone Cubby

12/04/2011 12:00 AM

12/03/2011 2:55 PM

$ 12.99 plus shipping and handling from Whatever Works, P.O. Box 3339, Chelmsford, Mass., 01824-0939, 800-499-6757, (Now simply called the “Wrist Cell Phone Holder.”)

Suggested by Carol Ann Byrd of Nashville, Tenn.

How important is this product? Here’s a quote from the packaging (and if we can’t trust the packaging, what can we trust?):

“Until recently, conveniently carrying a cellphone was this millennium’s greatest challenge.”

That’s right: This millennium’s greatest challenge. Not terrorism. Not global economic collapse. Not figuring out why people watch Jersey Shore. No, our greatest challenge was conveniently carrying our cellphones.

And finally, that challenge has been met, thanks to the “Phubby” brand wrist phone cubby. This is a brightly colored stretchy fabric sleeve with a pocket in it. You wear the sleeve on your wrist and slide the phone into the pocket, and there you have it: a phone attached to your wrist! It’s incredibly practical and convenient, assuming you don’t mind having a phone attached to your wrist all the time.

Next gift: Game On Glove


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