Type of kitchen sink can help narrow down faucet choices

07/25/2014 4:30 PM

07/26/2014 4:43 PM

Q: We’re replacing our old kitchen sink and faucet and need some help matching up a new kitchen faucet and sink. As we start looking we’ve been overwhelmed with too many choices. Do you have any recommendations on how we can make it a little easier for us to pick out a nice kitchen sink and matching faucet?

Hal, Utah

A: I like to break kitchen sink choices into three basic categories, then match up a faucet style. Here are my three recommendations:

•  Apron-front or farmhouse style sink: Since this is a country or rustic looking kitchen sink, an old fashioned looking faucet can complete the package nicely. A “bridge” style kitchen faucet with the exposed piping and separate hot and cold water levers can be a great choice.
•  Drop-in or deck mount kitchen sinks: The faucets on drop-in kitchen sinks usually mount right on the sink and are pre-drilled for easier installation. Traditional four-hole kitchen faucets with a side spray can match up with this type of sink.
•  Under-mount kitchen sinks: An under mount kitchen sink can have a contemporary look with a faucet hole in the counter top. For this, a “single hole” kitchen faucet with a pull out spray is a popular choice.

In each category you’ll still have many choices, but choosing a kitchen sink first can help you “go with the flow,” guiding you directly toward a nice faucet.

Master contractor and plumber Ed Del Grande is the author of the book “Ed Del Grande’s House Call” and the host of TV and Internet shows. Visit eddelgrande.com or write eadelg@cs.com.

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