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06/06/2014 11:42 AM

06/07/2014 8:16 PM

Q: We are remodeling and upgrading our half-bathroom that presently has a simple wall-hung sink to save space. For smaller bathrooms I understand that a pedestal sink would be the normal upgrade, but I am looking for some storage space as well. But, trying to fit in a vanity and sink top would be difficult. Any ideas for us to look into?

– Jill, California

A: A big reason why pedestal sinks are a popular upgrade in smaller bathrooms is because basically they are still wall-hung sinks. Wall-hung fixtures do help in smaller areas because they’re easier to walk around than fixtures that take up floor space.

So, with that line of thinking, a practical solution to your issue could be a “wall-hung vanity.” These types of vanities are often overlooked because a lot of homeowners are not familiar with them. Wall-hung vanities can accept standard vanity sink tops and offer a clean streamlined look with plenty of foot space under the unit. However, in most cases they can be a “higher end” unit because they may need extra structure supports and proper wall backing.

Bottom line: While it may cost you more for a wall-hung vanity, it may not be such an “off-the-wall” idea if you end up with extra storage space in a smaller bathroom.

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