Is a 23-year-old too young for fillers?

04/08/2014 5:11 PM

04/08/2014 7:08 PM

Q. I want to know if I'm too young to use any of the non-invasive injectable products? I am 23 and I love to work out. My body looks great but my face is starting to sag and I look like I’ve lost too much weight. What do you suggest?

A.I frequently see patients, like yourself, who are in great shape but have notoriously abused their fat storage (how many of us wish we had that problem!). Because body beautiful doesn’t always equate to face beautiful, noninvasive injectables are a good option for you. Since you have a limited amount of fat, a more permanent solution such as fat grafting would not work. The vision of youth is a heart-shaped, full face with accentuating plump, full cheeks.

I would recommend the new filler Voluma. The reason I like Voluma is that it may last up to two years, decreasing the number of visits to your physician’s office significantly. I also like filling the mid-face in the deeper planes to camouflage the filler. Because Voluma has lidocaine, injections are practically painless. My young patients find this treatment to be very satisfying and allows them to continue their workouts.

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