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07/14/2014 2:50 PM

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Large, juicy mangoes are at the height of their season in South Florida. Grilled turkey sausages with a mango relish make a sweet and spicy summer dinner.

There are several different turkey sausages available with various seasonings added. Some are hot and spicy, others are mild and tame, and still others are smoked. Pick whatever suits your taste.

Bagged, shredded cabbage ready to use for coleslaw is available in the produce section of the market. Some come with shredded carrots as well as cabbage. This makes making homemade coleslaw a breeze. If pressed for time, buy deli coleslaw.

The recipe here calls for mango cubes. Here is a quick way to cube a mango:

Slice off each side of the mango as close to the pit as possible. Take the mango half in your hand, skin side down. Score the fruit in a crosshatch pattern through to the skin. Bend the skin backwards so that the cubes pop up. Slice the cubes away from the skin. Score and slice any fruit left on the pit.

Helpful Hints

• Sausages can be grilled outside or on a stove-top grill.
• For easy cleanup if using a stove-top grill, spray it with a vegetable oil spray before using.


• Make coleslaw and set aside to marinate.
• Make mango relish.
• Grill sausages.


Fred Tasker’s wine suggestion: This is fatty and the mango is sweet, so I would suggest a fruity red like pinot noir.

Shopping List

To buy: 1 ripe mango, 1 red onion, 1 lime, 1 package low-fat turkey sausage (4 needed), 1 package whole wheat hot dog buns (4 needed), 1 bag shredded cabbage, 1 jar reduced-fat mayonnaise, 1 package brown sugar, 1 small bottle distilled white vinegar and 1 jar Dijon mustard.

Staples: Vegetable oil spray, salt and black peppercorns.

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