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July 21, 2014

Layered picnic coleslaw is a sight to behold

Don’t you just love the way this picnic coleslaw looks?

Don’t you just love the way this picnic coleslaw looks?

The simple and delicious method, from Tina Nordström, Sweden’s celebrity chef and PBS star, is just one of many appealing recipes in her new cookbook, Scandinavian Cooking: Simple Recipes for Home-Style Scandinavian Cuisine.

The cole slaw is a no-mess, no-fuss recipe: You put everything in a big see-through glass jar, close the lid and just pop it in the fridge. It’s a perfect gift to bring to any barbecue or summer potluck.

Reader Question: pie crust

Q. My mother always made a recipe she called Blueberry Sour Cream. It was a sour cream dough. She would use a jelly roll pan or something similar.

The dough would go on the bottom, then a layer of blueberry pie filling and then she would cut the remaining dough into a lattice for the top.

She has lost the recipe. We appreciate any help you can give in finding it.

Chris D.

A. I am happy to share my recipe for a sour cream pie crust dough, to which you can add your own filling.

The sour cream is the “secret” to making a tender and perfectly flaky pastry without all the usual fuss; the dough is much easier to work with than one made with the usual ice water.

Cookbook Corner

You can perk up any grilled meat or fish with this make-ahead barbecue butter from Melissa Cookston, the “winningest woman in competition barbecue,” and owner of the Memphis Barbecue Co. It is from her new cookbook, Smokin’ in the Boys Room.

I like having this ready-to-go in the freezer — it’s especially welcome when you need to rescue an overcooked chop or steak.

If you don’t want to make the rub recipe, simply season the butter with herbs or spice to taste. But the rub is great to have on hand, too, and I especially like it on pork tenderloins or chops.

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