Lydia Martin
Lydia Martin, who grew up in Little Havana, has been with The Miami Herald since 1986. She covered all the hard stuff before moving to Features, where now her job is doing lunch.
She has done lunch with the president of PETA, who left the table in mid black beans and rice to chase after a limping pigeon; Tony Curtis, who arrived early and ordered without her; Jennifer Lopez, who didn't eat at all; Lil' Kim, who wore a bikini and drank a frozen strawberry daquiri in the back of her stretch limo. Lydia also covers the Latin entertainment industry, because you can't live by lunch alone.

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Lunch with Lydia: Italian architect Piero Lissoni transforming Miami Beach hospital into Ritz-Carlton Residences

Piero Lissoni, the Italian architect charged with reimagining the clunky carcass of the old Miami Heart Institute into luxury condos worthy of the moneyed set, has just landed from Milan to check on the project’s progress. His Ritz-Carlton Residences, 111 units that from the outside will seem sculpted out of glass, is slated to go online in the summer of 2016.

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