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Linda Cicero has been charmed and challenged by Cook’s Corner readers for 25 years. She began the column while food editor of The Miami Herald, and has continued it through family moves to Denver and Northern Virginia. ''I have no formal culinary training -- my college degree is in journalism -- but I came from a home where food was important, and by 13, I was cooking dinner most nights. Today, nothing makes me happier than gathering family and friends in the kitchen, reveling in the camaraderie as we chop and whisk away.''

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Cook’s Corner: Behold the new colors of Easter eggs

Radiant Orchid, Pantone Color Institute’s color of the year, not only is the hot spring fashion color, but it has made its way into the Easter egg parade. Forget the pastels of yesteryear; what’s trending now are vivid colors. McCormick developed these formulas for making vibrant dyes.