Ellen Kanner

A vegetarian since age 13, Ellen Kanner has written for Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Eating Well, Vegetarian Times and regional magazines nationwide including Pebble Beach and Palm Beach Illustrated. She shares meals in Miami with her meat-eating but otherwise adorable husband, and is at work on a book, Love in the Time of Broccoli: A Joyful Vegetarian's Path to a Beautiful Life.

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The Edgy Veggie

Edgy Veggie: Eggless ‘Egg Salad’

This must be the egg industry’s favorite time of the year. There’s Easter eggs, egg-rich Easter cakes and cookies, Easter brunch omelets, casseroles and eggs Benedict (eggs atop English muffins and in the Hollandaise sauce). Eggs also play a big part at Passover. They’re on the Seder plate and in matzo balls, kugels and Passover desserts. Eggs, though, aren’t all they’re cracked up to be for cholesterol avoiders, allergic folk (eggs are among the top eight food allergens) and vegans. Plant-powered egg alternatives mean we still get a place at the holiday table.