K9 helps U.S. Army sergeant recover from PTSD

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - After 18 years of service, U.S. Army Sgt. Colleen Starkey rarely left her home. With post traumatic stress disorder, she said the flashing lights, the television and the fire alarm at the elementary school across the street would act as triggers, leaving her haunted with memories and sounds of war.

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Grim news kept people away from theme parks

Heading into this summer, all signs were pointing to another banner year for Florida’s attractions. But it has been a cruel summer, especially for Orlando. In June, Orlando was stunned by the shooting death of “Voice” singer Christina Grimmie at a local venue, a massacre at the Pulse nightclub and a fatal alligator attack on a child at Disney World.

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How to help a mother who has lost a child in pregnancy or lost an infant

The loss of a child during the latter half of pregnancy or the first year of life, known as the perinatal period, affects nearly 50,000 new or expectant mothers each year in the United States. When a stillbirth or infant death occurs, a medical evaluation is performed in hopes of determining the cause of death. Scant effort, however, is typically devoted to the emotional aftermath of these losses.

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Home Fix: How important are yearly termite inspections?

Q: We have lived in our older (80-year-old) home for over 30 years. We've had yearly termite inspections with only clean reports. How important is it to keep up with yearly inspections? The cost now tops $300 annually and includes basically a 15-minute flashlight check of crawl space and basement. How likely are we to develop termite problems at this point in the life of this house?


Ghirardelli Square circles back with a high-end style

A relentless icy wind swept in from San Francisco Bay, blowing away the fog to reveal the 19th century three-masted schooner C.A. Thayer anchored offshore. Farther out, Alcatraz Island was circled by seagulls and besieged by an armada of tour boats plowing through the chop.

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How to keep your home from looking dated

Trends happen to the best of us, as they should. Everyone should relish the style of their current era, live in the moment and make memories in their own heyday. Unfortunately style isn't eternal, and sometimes no matter how much money and time you invest in decorating your home (or how few trends you fall for), your interior decor becomes dated, and the look you once loved doesn't work as well.

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Plumber: High hopes for low-height toilet

Q: Dear Ed: I am a loyal reader and remember an article from the past about toilet tank height. I have a very old low-profile toilet and above the tank is a built-in cabinet with drawers and storage. I cannot remove the cabinet without going into a remodel of my bathroom. Do they still make toilets with very low tanks? Please help, the old toilet is leaking on the floor!

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Fountains make a splash

Fountains have been around since Roman times. In the ancient world, they were purely functional, employing springs or aqueducts to provide water for drinking, bathing and cleaning to even the smallest villages. Modest, centrally located and fed by gravity, public fountains were the focus of a simple communal existence.

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Domino's test new drone pizza delivery

Pizza chain Domino’s aims to become the first company in the world to operate a commercial drone delivery service, through its New Zealand operation. Domino’s partnered with Australian drone company Flirtey for a trial delivery in Auckland with the goal of starting commercial deliveries later this year.
Flirtey via The Abbi Agency
Domino's test new drone pizza delivery 1:03

Domino's test new drone pizza delivery

Local chefs workout together in the Get Fit Challenge 1:08

Local chefs workout together in the Get Fit Challenge

Gloria Estefan, husband unveil Estefan Kitchen Express at MIA 1:25

Gloria Estefan, husband unveil Estefan Kitchen Express at MIA

Zapping Zika fears during pregnancy 1:32

Zapping Zika fears during pregnancy