Helping People

With sexual danger lurking at home and online, this group is sending a message

Project DoVE, which stands for Domestic Violence Education, teaches students how to recognize the signs of teen dating violence, abuse and human trafficking. Since Miami-Dade police started the program in 2007, advocates have gotten some form of their message in front of nearly 70,000 children and teens. The talks are targeted to kids from 12 to 17, but the lessons can be tweaked to fit the audience’s needs.

Health & Fitness

Yes, men can get breast cancer

While 99 percent of breast cancer cases stem from women, about 2,500 men in the United States contract breast cancer every year. And because many men often don’t go to a doctor promptly after discovering something suspicious — their cases tend to be more advanced.


A perfect Mendocino getaway

Legend has it that every time a sailor is lost at sea, a mermaid weeps into the waves. Her salty tears turn into sea glass that eventually washes up on shore. These tiny drops of glass, sparkling orbs of blue, red and green that dazzle the eye, are beautiful enough to make you wish the lore were true.

Miami Indulge Escapes

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Pumpkin carving with style

Christine Buck from Pembroke Pines has won a couple of pumpkin carving contests in her time. What she creates is really lovely. She goes step by step with her process, in case you want to try this one at home.
Justin Azpiazu Miami Herald Staff
Pumpkin carving with style 3:08

Pumpkin carving with style

How to safely carve your pumpkin 1:00

How to safely carve your pumpkin

The Susan G. Komen race for the Cure 1:18

The Susan G. Komen race for the Cure

The Ultimate Tailgate 1:29

The Ultimate Tailgate