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Yardsmart: How to pick the perfect wildflowers for your garden

Whenever you disturb a lot of ground, there's an opportunity to sow wildflowers for beauty and erosion control. Flowers such as the red European corn poppy made the battlefields bloom bright red after the World War I armistice to germinate in a single massive display. The ground, pocked with excavated trenches, bomb craters and vehicle tracks allowed so much dormant seed to sprout that it became a symbol of veteran sacrifice. When your yard or property is torn up for any reason, that's the ideal time to sow not just for a spring flower show, but to help stabilize the soil against erosion by rain and runoff.

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10 home decor trends to try in 2017, according to experts

While some interior designers like Nate Berkus famously steer clear of trends when decorating, we still love to report on trends like we would baseball scores - much to the fascination of industry insiders and homeowners alike. But why are trends so fascinating to us? Perhaps it's caused by a fear of getting left behind by choosing a dark glossy floor for our next renovations when the trends are actually shifting toward light colors and matte shades. Or maybe it's because everything that's once new ends up feeling old - and conversely, everything that's old feels new again. So we turn to the designers and makers at the cutting edge of innovation to inspire us and make our tired decor choices feel new again.

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Design Recipes: A case for neutrals

Beige doesn't have to be boring. In fact, neutral color palettes can create the perfect foundation for a bold color palette. One of the reasons why neutral is so appealing is the colors blend well with other colors. Like a blank canvas, working with a neutral color palette will allow you to build a color story.

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A distinctive home showcases collections with meaningful connections

HUNTS POINT, Wash. - At first glance, even from a distance, Mark and Daryl Russinovich's distinctive Hunts Point home expresses artful design: Dark steel joins sturdy stone, muted stucco and etched matte glass in a strikingly contemporary interpretation of midcentury-modern architecture, horizontal planes tossing straight-edged shadows beneath the relaxed branches of longstanding trees.

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La Casa del Camino's surf rooms

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. - La Casa del Camino in Laguna Beach has maintained the old-world charm that drew Hollywood celebrities looking for a beachfront retreat in the 1930s. The Spanish Mediterranean exterior, with cream-colored stucco walls and red tile roof, fronts South Coast Highway. Inside, the cozy fireplace, large wooden ceiling beams and old-fashioned chandeliers bring visitors back to 1929, when the hotel designed by city councilman and artist William W. Riddell opened.

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The hungry, new Little Havana

Little Havana is about to see a boom in dining destinations, from craft beer bars and doughnuts to oyster bars and gourmet hamburgers
Carl Juste
The hungry, new Little Havana 1:37

The hungry, new Little Havana

Taste Test: The Impossible Burger 2:26

Taste Test: The Impossible Burger

Most babies should be exposed to peanuts earlier, according to new guidelines 1:39

Most babies should be exposed to peanuts earlier, according to new guidelines

Female cat owners benefit most from stress-reducing effect of a pet 1:04

Female cat owners benefit most from stress-reducing effect of a pet