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Style at Home: Romancing your home

Valentine's Day is lots of fun, by why reserve the romance for just one day of the year? It's so easy to make your daily life more romantic just by adding a few special touches to your decorating. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

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How to decorate according to your zodiac sign

Our zodiac signs reveal quite a lot about our personalities, and it turns out they say a lot about how we decorate as well. Curious to know which sign is known as the ultimate neat freak or which one is bohemian at heart? How about which colors your sign is most drawn to? Keep scrolling to find out if your zodiac personality influences your decor style, and let us know if we got it right!

Florida travel notes

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Marjory Stoneman Douglas Festival in Everglades City

New manatee observation area in Riviera Beach

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I'll have a beer in that

It's one thing to pair beer with food, especially for holidays or events where you'll probably be serving or drinking a lot of it - but beer is also pretty fun to cook with. (After all, we do it with wine all the time.) You can add beer to almost anything, from chili to shrimp boils, bread and cakes to queso. More than just a novelty ingredient, beer adds an extra dimension and depth to a dish, lending notes ranging from roasted barley to sweet fruit, chocolate to crisp acidity.

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Plumber: 50 shades of white

Q: Dear Ed, we're remodeling our kitchen with a very light color theme. We were planning to go with a pure white kitchen sink, but I want to break it up a smidgen and go off-white for the color. I want to go to the gray side of the scale, not toward the almond side. What off-white color choices can I look into and compare for my final decision?

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Design Recipes: 5 tips to get ready for spring

While we are still at least a month away from the official start of spring, now is the time to begin to think about how you will prepare your home for warmer months. Winter is a time when many people choose to stay indoors. Some may very well find their home to be more used during winter months. Here are my top five tips for the end of winter to help make your home bright, fresh and airy for spring.