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South Florida

How a fence could derail a new Miami-Orlando train

Executives of the company building Brightline, a Miami-Orlando passenger train service, have expressed deep concern about a bill wending its way through the Florida Legislature that contains additional rail crossing requirements that could disrupt the project’s West Palm Beach-to-Orlando segment.


Groundbreaking play unearths memories of Cuban trauma

A review of “10 Million,” a Cuban play which unearths a family’s traumatic memories of post-Revolutionary Cuba, and brought some in Saturday’s sold out show at Miami-Dade County Auditorium to tears. Presented by the Copperbridge Foundation and FUNDarte for Global Cuba Fest, the play by Carlos Celdran continues to New York.

Business Monday

What it’s like to run a billion-dollar startup — at age 28

In December, JetSmarter, the Fort Lauderdale-based private jet marketplace, announced that it raised $105 million from new and existing investors, including the Saudi royal family and Jay Z. Investors value the company at $1.5 billion, which in venture-capital speak makes it a rare “unicorn,” a private company valued over $1 billion. Sergey Petrossov, the 28-year-old founder of JetSmarter, says when you go all-in as an entrepreneur, you don’t look back.