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Ros-Lehtinen served all of Miami-Dade well

Editorial: Ros-Lehtinen, 64, who announced her retirement on Sunday, was a Republican, but her bipartisanship nature made her a politician both sides could live with — and respect. She was what a good politician should be: a public servant — and in over a 38 year career, she never forgot it.


A disbarred former judge and a few felons on list of punished lawyers

This month’s list of lawyers disciplined by the Florida Supreme Court includes Pembroke Pines’ Marcy Abitz, Plantation’s Lauren Bannigan, Miami’s Cyrus Bischoff, Miami Beach’s Scott Podvin, Fort Lauderdale’s Laura Watson and, location unknown, Melissa Heaton. Watson, a former judge, has been disbarred. Abitz is facing grand theft charges.