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In the NFL � as in business � hiring is hard

With the NFL draft continuing in Chicago, you might wonder how those football players are likely to work out as employees, especially those picked early enough to become newly minted millionaire athletes. Will those coveted first-rounders provide great value and lead their teams to a Super Bowl title?


Listening is key to de-escalating a fight

It's bound to happen eventually: You'll get into an argument with someone at work, whether it's over a project, a lost stapler or a parking spot. If not handled well, arguments can turn into fights and fights can become ongoing battles.


Liz Reyer: Learning how to speak up in meetings

Q: I've been getting a reputation as the person who goes along with an idea in a meeting, but then undermines it later. It's because I'm uncomfortable speaking up in meetings, especially if I don't have my response thought through. I want to be seen as a good team player. What can I do?


Your Office Coach: Address potential hire's attire choices right away

Q: The leading candidate for our executive secretary position wore an extremely low-cut top with overflowing cleavage to her second interview. Although she seems well-qualified, I am concerned about her choice of clothing. This is a reputable law firm with many conservative business clients, so revealing attire is not appropriate. How should I handle this?

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