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UAW delegates urge elimination of two-tier wages

United Automobile Workers delegates attending a bargaining convention in Detroit made it clear Tuesday that they want the elimination of the two-tier wage structure as well as wage increases during this year's contract talks with General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler.


Well-paid jobs priority for Ford UAW team

Well-paid jobs - that is the simple and highest priority that the Ford United Automobile Workers union negotiating team has as it negotiates a new national agreement to replace the four-year pact that expires in September.


Fiat Chrysler has lowest per-worker labor costs

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' labor costs for its U.S. workers are now on par with Toyota and Honda and about $10 less per hour than crosstown rivals General Motors and Ford, according to a report published Monday by the Center for Automotive Research.


Liz Reyer: Developing a well-rounded management team

Q: I'd like to help the managers on my team become more effective with their direct reports. They tend to have different approaches - one is highly organized with a "command and control" approach, one has a more empathic approach, and so on. How can I help them all become more well rounded?


Your Office Coach: Don't let job-seeking frustrations boil over

Q: I am sick and tired of being abused by interviewers who are neither courteous, respectful or kind. Many of them never look at my resume until I arrive, then proceed to inform me that the job requires some skill which I don't even possess. I have been stared at to the point of discomfort, told that my past jobs were inadequate and advised to pursue a different line of work.

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