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Your Office Coach: Take concerns to your manager, not your co-worker

Q:Our office team lead is a control freak who keeps all the interesting work for herself."Angela" and I are both senior medical secretaries in a large hospital.Ever since my assigned doctor left three years ago, I have been given only menial tasks like copying, filing and answering the phone.Angela, on the other hand, continues to support the two remaining physicians.


Balancing Act: Tipping during the holidays a great way to show appreciation

Throughout the year, there are key people who make our lives run more smoothly. For Jackie Martin that person is her hair dresser who will stay late at the salon to ensure the busy sales representative gets her hair colored before leaving on a business trip. Martin wants to show her hair dresser appreciation during the holidays. But she faces the same dilemma most of us encounter: What is an appropriate holiday tip?

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