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Balancing Act: School's on: Working parents take a team approach

At the beginning of each assignment Deloitte accountants take on, the team meets to discuss their worklife concerns. One parent may need to come in early and leave by 5 p.m. to pick up a child from aftercare. Another parent may want to start his day at 10 a.m. and stay past 6 p.m. Under a new approach to family-friendly work arrangements at all Deloitte offices nationwide, an accountant's teammates become an important part of the village that allows the financial professionals to balance work and family.


'You gotta make a lot of bad jokes to make a good joke,' says USC comedy professor Barnet Kellman

LOS ANGELES - The gig: Barnet Kellman is a professor of directing at USC's Comedy program at the School of Cinematic Arts and a two-time Emmy Award winner. Kellman, 68, is part of a trio that launched the program in 2011. He describes USC Comedy as the nation's first university program dedicated to courses on writing, producing and directing comedy features. Students can earn a minor in comedy.


Liz Reyer: Making teams accountable

Q. I have an associate whose team seems to drop the ball pretty often, and who then deflects responsibility and points it at my team. How can I get him to be more accountable? I'm not trying to assign blame, just have my team treated fairly and be able to effectively plan and deliver our work.

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