April 25, 2014

White House announces new teacher preparation regulations will be out soon

The Obama administration on Friday said it will have a draft of regulations for teacher training ready this summer.

The Obama administration announced on Friday that it put out a draft of new teacher preparation regulations this summer.

“We’re talking about new efforts that this administration is pursuing to better support our teachers and meet the urgent mission of elevating and strengthening teacher education and preparation,” White House Policy Director Cecilia Muñoz said in a call for reporters.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan said too many teachers say they weren’t well prepared for teaching. “Our nation’s children pay the price,” he said.

Final regulations are expected within the next year after a comment period.

The proposed regulations will ask states to rate their teacher training programs, use better data and make the results publicly available, the Obama administration said in a news release.

The ratings will be based on such information as how many graduates are placed in schools, retention rates, the satisfaction of graduates of teacher training programs, the satisfaction of principals in the schools where they’re placed and measures of how well their students are learning, Duncan said.

The government also plans to make eligibility for TEACH grants based on state’s ratings systems. The grants give scholarships to future teachers who agree to work in low-income schools or high-need subjects.

“Today unfortunately too many teacher preparation programs get little or no information about how their graduates are actually doing once they enter the teaching profession. That is simply unacceptable and must change,” Duncan said.

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