March 25, 2014

McConnell takes no position on big Ky. NCAA game

With Louisville and Kentucky playing each other in an NCAA men's basketball tournament game, Sen. Mitch McConnell takes no position.

Mitch McConnell knows it's time to be neutral.

At his weekly meeting with reporters Tuesday, he noted that Louisville and Kentucky will play each other in an NCAA men's basketball tournament game Friday.

The Kentucky Republican was careful as he discussed the game.

"In the Louisville media market, which has only about a million people in it, if college basketball is on, there are more eyeballs watching college basketball in the Louisville, Kentucky, media market than any other media market in the country," McConnell said.

"So it is a passion in our state. And we've got the two NCAA champions the last two years running against each other Friday night.

"My law school classmate, the governor, has refused to take a position on this important game, and I think he's got it right."

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