February 26, 2014

Is it Obamacare or Hillarycare?

Is it Obamacare or Hillarycare?

Republicans charge that Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state and perhaps 2016 presidential hopeful, has such support for the federal health care law that "HillaryCare Is ObamaCare On Steroids."

Clinton pushed for health care changes as first lady that the GOP says go farther than the current law, but she was unsuccessful. Later, she strongly supported the law advocated by President Barack Obama when she was a member of his Cabinet.

Republicans cite a new book on Clinton, HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton, that indicate she gave Obama a congratulatory hug after the House passed the Affordable Care Act and defended it to Cabinet colleagues.

The Affordable Care Act, of course, had a rocky rollout last year. But nearly four million have signed up through its exchanges since October.

Clinton will speak at annual health care conference in Orlando.

Since stepping down as the nation's top diplomat last year, Clinton has been speaking out on sorts of issues, from immigration to voting right, that can put her in a better position if she decides to run, though she has shied away from some contentious topics.

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