February 5, 2014

Look who's giving advice to Mexico City? Señor Bloomberg

New York City's former mayor will take to the road to espouse his manifesto on livable cities. One of the first stops: Mexico City

After three consecutive terms as New York City mayor, you’d think Michael Bloomberg would be ready for a break. But no señor.

Barely a month after the business tycoon-cum-politician left office, he’s already plotting new municipal moves – this time in Mexico City.

Turns out that Bloomberg’s think tank on municipal affairs, Bloomberg Associates, is already deeply involved in City Hall here in Mexico’s capital. Mayor Miguel Mancera, who is currently in Johannesburg at a summit of C40, which brings together the world’s megalopolises in trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, met with Bloomberg today.

In a statement, Mancera’s office said Mexico City would be one of the first metropolises to accept the offer of Bloomberg Associates to provide free advice on transportation and air quality issues as well as urban development.

A team from Bloomberg Associates will travel to Mexico City in March, and Bloomberg himself will amble on down in May, ready to espouse his manifesto of how to make the world’s great cities more livable. While here, I wonder if he'll try out his Spanish? He's been mocked in the past -- check out the parody Twitter account @elbloombito -- but Bloomberg says his Spanish is "getting better."

Now, how do you say Hizzoner in Spanish?

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