Peter and Denisse Schnebly, Redland

02/05/2014 10:00 AM

01/27/2014 4:56 PM

Not long ago, Peter Schnebly was watching a show on ABC called “Brothers and Sisters,” starring Sally Fields. He noticed the characters in it owned a winery and a produce company and had a dining room table in their kitchen. Schnebly, who in real life owns a winery and a produce company in Homestead (the Schnebly Winery & Brewery, where many South Floridians go to uncork, unplug and unwind), was instantly inspired. The synchronicity led to a complete overhaul of the kitchen he shares with his wife, Denisse, and their two teenage children. “The kitchen has always been the gathering place and we wanted to make sure it was more inclusive in the prep and hanging out aspect,” says Schnebly. He was particularly excited about a huge butcher block, high table that seats eight and sits right in the middle of the newly renovated kitchen. A third larger than any table that would fit in a traditional dining room, it was a key aspect of the new design, which Peter and Denisse created themselves. “We grow food for a living—exotic tropical fruit and gourmet vegetables—and this has always been a way of life for us,” he says, as he describes his favorite piece in his favorite room in the house. Just outside the glass-encased kitchen are the pool and a lush tropical garden where more than a dozen varieties of avocados and bananas grow along with mangos, lychees and star fruit. “We just go around on the golf cart and pick star fruit or whatever is ripe at the time and bring it inside. Then we have to decide what we’re going to do with it.” The Schneblys recently made hamburgers and used pickled star fruit for the garnish in lieu of a classic pickle. They add slices of their avocados to pasta dishes and even make whipped-up avocado habanero ice cream with a good bit of heat. “There are always two to four people hanging around while Denisse and I are cooking the food,” he says. “My wife is at the stove and I’m fixing the drinks.”

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