Jobs report brings better news for Miami-Dade

12/20/2013 11:32 AM

12/21/2013 9:19 AM

Miami-Dade's job indicators all came up positive in November, as a modest recovery hinted at a faster pace.

Florida's largest county saw its unemployment rate drop to 7.8 percent despite a slight increase in the number of people looking for work, according to federal figures released by Florida on Friday.

Employers added 16,000 jobs compared to a year ago, the best showing since October 2012. At that time, Miami-Dade up about 25,000 jobs for the year, but those gains slowed throughout 2013.

Broward continued its string of solid jobs reports, with a 12-month gain of 17,000 new payroll positions, beating Miami-Dade's gain despite having a smaller economy. Broward's raw unemployment rate dropped, too, from 5.4 percent to 5.2 percent.

As one of the nation's largest counties, Miami-Dade's unemployment rate is adjusted for seasonality when the Labor Department issues its monthly employment report for states and localities. Broward will get its seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for November in a few weeks, but the raw number shows the change underway. A year ago, Broward's raw unemployment rate was 6.8 percent.

Monroe County still enjoys the lowest unemployment rate in Florida: 3.7 percent.

Statewide, Florida saw its seasonally adjusted unemployment rate drop from 6.7 In October percent to 6.4 percent in November. That was thanks to a slight drop in job seekers, with a labor force of 9.3 million down by 2,000 people, and a larger gain in job holders, up 25,000 to 8.8 million.

In November, Miami-Dade was still facing the factors that weighed down the recovery through 2013. Construction employment was down 1,700 payroll positions from the prior year. And local government, long the biggest source of lost jobs, remained down about 5,000 positions compared to November 2012.

Still, the 7.8 percent unemployment rate, down from 8 percent in October, tied September for the lowest since October 2008.

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