June 5, 2013

DJ Irie, the entertainer

By Keith W. Strandberg

Like everybody else trying to find time to do, well, everything, DJ Irie would love a 30-hour day. “Time is such a precious commodity,” he says. “Anyone who has any kind of dreams and goals is always hoping to have more time. If I had extra hours, I think I could achieve a greater balance in my life. My goal is to dedicate enough of my time to my work and my craft, but also to the important things in life--my friends and family.”

Time, of course, is a topic the official DJ of the Miami Heat and Carnival Cruise Lines, and a regular on Miami’s WEDR 99 Jamz, is well qualified to discuss. A confirmed watch collector, Irie says Miami is a unique place for fellow aficionados. “Just as much as Miami is known for music and the arts, it’s also known for style,” Irie says. Here, he adds, “Your timepiece is an extension of who you are. You have people who are really active who go with a Casio G-shock and others who have a Hublot to match their Ferrari. If you ask me, Miami is a little Geneva.”

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